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New Zealand opens up post-study work rights

After a consultation period marked by more than 2,000 submissions from stakeholders, the New Zealand government is moving to open up post-study work rights for...

Intense job competition spurring demand for graduate degrees in Malaysia

Malaysia’s economy is in the midst of a shift from an established manufacturing and service sector...

New Zealand tightens work visa rules

Earlier this month, New Zealand Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse introduced a package of new rules that will tighten access to work visas for those hoping...

Scotland continues to press for post-study work rights

The UK government has rejected a call for expanded post-study work rights for international students in Scotland, but the Scottish government is continuing to bring...

2016 Agent Barometer survey reveals important shifts in destination appeal and student perceptions

Key findings from the 2016 i-graduate Agent Barometer were released yesterday at the Berlin Workshop. Now in its tenth year, the Agent Barometer...

Australia reduces planned tax increase for working holiday makers

The Australian government has walked back from planned tax increases for working holiday makers. Australia’s 2015/16 budget introduced new tax provisions for working holiday travellers...

Strengthening the connection between education and employment

For many students and families, education is the path to new or better careers and, ultimately, to a better future. This expectation is a key...

EU proposes changes to work permit policies

A recent OECD report recommends the European Union reform its legal labour migration policies to make it easier for foreign graduates to obtain work permits....

Growing demand for vocational training in Vietnam

The Vietnamese economy has recorded strong growth for more than two decades, and, among Asian economies, only China has grown faster since 2000. But the...

Australia postpones new “backpacker tax” for working holiday makers

The Australian government has delayed implementation of a controversial tax for working holiday makers that was due to come into effect on 1 July. First...

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