Erasmus+ supported nearly 800,000 international placements in 2017

A recent statement from the European Commission highlights that the landmark Erasmus+ mobility programme provided for a record-high participation of just under 800,000 people to...

Funding for Erasmus+ should double to €30 billion, says European Commission

The European Union is drawing to the end of a €15 billion (US$18 billion) commitment to support Erasmus+ grants for more than four million people to...

Higher education’s wish list for Brexit

Universities UK has set out five priorities for the now-underway Brexit talks. The association is placing the emphasis on...

Italy announces 2017 PON funding for language studies

The Italian government has announced a new round of PON scholarship funding for 2017...

Foreign enrolment in Dutch universities doubled over past decade

Foreign enrolment in the Netherlands reached a record high in 2016/17. The country now hosts more than 112,000 international students, nearly three-quarters of which (81,392)...

Brexit could discourage European students from studying in UK

Britain is steaming toward a 23 June referendum on the UK’s membership in the European Union. The question is simple and clearly framed – “Should...

Erasmus+ participation doubles in 2014; boosts youth employment

In December 2013, European Union ministers concluded an agreement for a major consolidation and expansion of student mobility programmes across Europe. That landmark agreement created...

Peru commits to bilingualism with a new focus on English

Driven in part by its considerable mineral wealth, the Peruvian economy has seen strong growth in recent years, helping spur outbound student mobility as well...

Poland launches internationalisation strategy

Although Poland’s international student population has increased markedly in the last few years, the Polish higher education sector remains among the least internationalised of European...

Demographics, economics, and internationalisation driving enrolment growth in Europe

Nearly seven in ten European universities report an increase in non-European Union enrolment over the past five years; a slightly smaller percentage reported an increase...

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