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Employability and competition driving Indian demand for study abroad

Recent surveys and interviews highlight the importance of career goals in the decision making of Indian students...

US admissions directors concerned about international enrolment

An annual survey of senior US college admissions staff finds continuing pressure on both domestic and international enrolments at many institutions. The 2018 Survey of...

New surveys highlight key elements of agent-educator relationships

Findings from two recent survey efforts highlight some key aspects of effective agency-educator relationships. In Agent-University Partnerships: The State of the Field and Commission Structure...

Saudi Arabia’s expanding higher education capacity

Following a dip in 2016, Saudi Arabia’s college-aged population has begun to grow again and is forecast to reach a cohort of about four million...

New Zealand’s foreign enrolment dipped in 2017

Partial-year data for 2017 indicates a softening in international student numbers in New Zealand last year. Education New Zealand’s latest data release reflects year-to-date trends for...

Study tracks the increasing popularity of alternate credentials

One in four higher education institutions in North America now offer badges and three in four say that such alternate credentials are “strategically important to...

Universities UK renews call for clarity on Brexit terms

The UK and European Union reached an important milestone in the Brexit talks last month. On 19 March, negotiators formalised an agreement for a 21-month...

Signs of growth in Nepal

Official figures appear to understate Nepalese outbound at roughly 44,000 in 2017, whereas the actual number is...

Canada books 20% growth in 2017

Driven by continuing strong numbers from China and a notable expansion of Indian enrolments, Canada hosted a record...

Survey reveals important shifts in student decision making

A global survey of study abroad applicants finds that the US and UK remain the preferred study destination of a majority...

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