British higher education institutions

Non-EU applications to UK universities up this year

The UK application registry UCAS has released new data from its 15 January admissions deadline for the 2019/20 academic year, and so we now have an...

Foreign student numbers up modestly for British higher education

With 458,490 international students enrolled in UK universities in 2017/18, the UK’s higher education sector experienced 4% growth over the previous year. Newly released Higher...

British university leaders say a no-deal Brexit “one of the biggest threats” ever

An open letter from five higher education groups in the UK – Universities UK, the Russell Group, Guild HE, Million Plus and University Alliance – says that...

UK higher education under pressure

After first easing controls on student head counts in 2012, the government moved to eliminate caps on undergraduate student numbers for English universities in 2015. The...

UK confirms funding and fees for EU commencements in 2019/20

For the third consecutive year – following similar announcements for 2017/18 and 2018/19 – the British government has confirmed that European Union students will remain eligible for...

Notable growth in international applications to British universities this year

Having tallied “on time” applications to British universities for the 2018/19 academic year, the UK application...

More than 700,000 foreign students now pursuing British degrees outside of the UK

British degrees have long been coveted by international students across the world, and they remain...

Initial Brexit agreement offers greater certainty for movement between UK and EU

There was a moment when it looked like an agreement between the UK and the European Union around the first phase of Brexit negotiations could...

Contrasting EU and non-EU trends for British higher education

The global strength of the British education brand is showing this year with record-high application volumes...

Post-Brexit planning in the UK: tighter controls for EU students; hope for continuing research collaboration

The British government’s post-Brexit ambitions for higher education are becoming a little clearer thanks to a recent combination of leaks and official position papers. The...

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