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China’s progress towards its ambitious target to attract 500,000 foreign students by 2020

University World News has recently reported that China has been wooing foreign universities and foreign students in a bid to internationalise its universities, and as...

Little-known aspiring education hubs

Recently, Edudemic posted a list of ten cities aspiring to make a name for themselves as future education hubs. There were a few places you...

Increasing private-sector investment shaping student recruitment landscape

The extent and scope of private-sector participation in higher education is highly variable from country to country. But there are increasing signs that private capital...

Inspiring educator website case studies

A few weeks ago, in our article “New strategies emerging for educator websites” we introduced several important strategies – liberalised page scrolling and responsive design,...

Research shows that studying abroad boosts creativity

Newly published research provides the best evidence yet that studying overseas boosts one’s creativity. The study titled “On the Cognitive Benefits of Cultural Experience: Exploring...

Indian government puts foreign university legislation on the shelf
“Erasmus for All” sets the stage for a major increase in European student mobility
In China, father (and mother) knows best: 65% of study abroad decisions made by parents
Australia enters visa talks with Greece as youth travel industry faces crisis
Latest ALTO report highlights struggles in global language travel industry
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US immigration reaffirms that I-20s should not be sent to agents

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a policy statement...

From the field: Recruiting in the Philippines
Australia to publish agent performance data this year
IALC announces new agency recognition programme
From the field: Recruiting in the Internet age
Checking in on Turkish outbound
2018 Agent Barometer: Global survey tracks agent perspectives on destinations, online learning, alumni, and student experience
US admissions directors concerned about international enrolment


Not a campus but a storefront: A new concept for higher education delivery

Earlier this year, a special pan-institutional committee at the Georgia...

Google launches new college search feature
Leading MOOC provider announces full degree programmes
Survey: Student recruitment the main driver for institutional web strategy
Is your email mobile enough?
The business case for translating your website
Major industry report highlights key Internet trends in China and India
Online enrolment in US continues to grow

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Facts & Figures


Enrolments at private schools in Dubai have grown by nearly 90% within the past decade, and total student numbers are projected to reach nearly 500,000 by 2026.

South Africa

South Africa’s ELT sector began to recover in 2016. Student numbers increased by 19%, and student weeks by 20%.


Worldwide MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) enrolment grew by nearly two-thirds in 2016 to reach 58 million students.


International studen enrolments in Australia grew by 14%, Year-to-date May 2017.


Russia aims to increase international enrolment to more than 700,000 students by 2025. 


97.4% of foreign students in the UK leave the country before their visa expires.


Top five sending markets for Canadian language programmes in 2016: Japan, Brazil, China, South Korea, and Mexico.


The number of college-aged students in China is projected to decline by 40% between 2010 and 2025.