Sri Lanka

field-recruiting-sri-lankaFrom the Field: Recruiting in Sri Lanka

Nobody is entirely sure how many Sri Lankan students go abroad each year, but the feeling among some observers is that the official counts offered by...

Income growth continues to drive demand for study abroad in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has all the hallmarks of an important emerging market for international education. Roughly four in ten Sri Lankans are under 24 years of...

Surprise Sri Lankan election result promises new education ties and investment

The surprise victory of Maithripala Sirisena in Sri Lanka’s presidential election last month, along with early indications of pending reforms, have raised high expectations among...

Global language survey links English proficiency to economic and social development

Countries with higher levels of English-language skills also have stronger economies, and their citizens enjoy higher per capita income levels and a higher quality of...

Market Snapshot: Sri Lanka

A jewel-like island, Sri Lanka sits in the centre of the Indian Ocean between Africa and East Asia. Their education system is a source of...

Little-known aspiring education hubs

Recently, Edudemic posted a list of ten cities aspiring to make a name for themselves as future education hubs. There were a few places you...

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