the-crucial-role-of-parents-in-international-student-recruitment-and-retentionThe crucial role of parents in international student recruitment and retention

n many countries, parents play a key role in study abroad decisions, and part of the recruitment effort...

evidence-international-students-increasingly-prioritising-employment-outcomesFurther evidence that international students are increasingly prioritising employment outcomes

Post-secondary institutions engaged in recruiting international students should be highlighting the career outcomes...

survey-alumni-networks-limited-impact-job-prospectsSurvey says that alumni networks have limited impact on job prospects

Survey of US graduates, a large majority of respondents said that the alumni network of their university or college was of little...

Five steps to a more active alumni programme

There’s a paradox at work regarding the extent to which many colleges and universities are engaging with their international alumni. A 2017 survey undertaken by international...

2018 Agent Barometer: Global survey tracks agent perspectives on destinations, online learning, alumni, and student experience

Findings from the 12th annual i-graduate Agent Barometer were released this week at Berlin. The 2018 survey was administered over August and September this...

Study finds lots of room to improve in international alumni relations

A majority of US college administrators say that their institutions are not doing enough to connect with international alumni, and nearly two-thirds report having no...

Extending your recruitment effort with international alumni

We’ve written previously about the importance of engaging alumni in international recruitment as well as the process of engaging and enabling brand advocates from among...

Engaging your alumni in international student recruitment

“Most businesses find that their best customers come from other customers’ referrals or “word of mouth” advertising.  Why would it be any different with international...

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