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19a.info is a dedicated market intelligence resource for the international education industry.

We regularly deliver industry news, market intelligence, research, interviews, videos, presentation files, infographics, best practice tips and trends – all with a firm focus on international student recruitment.

The site provides original articles based on a carefully curated selection of relevant news and information from sources around the world. It is an unbiased news source, with its editorial team scouring the industry for the latest, critical updates to save readers time and present them with strategic, need-to-know information.

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19a.info serves a wide range of audiences from 171 countries within the industry including:

  • student recruitment agents, counsellors, and advisors;
  • educators of all types (language training, higher education, vocational institutions, community colleges, primary, secondary and boarding schools);
  • specialised service providers (work and travel, volunteer, accommodation, technology);
  • associations, and government entities.

The audience mainly consists of high level executives such as founders, directors, C-level management, deans, etc.

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About 19a.info GmbH

Based in Bonn, Germany, 19a.info GmbH (International Consultants for Education and Fairs) is the global market leader in business-to-business networking events and services in the international education sector.

19a.info connects educators, education agents, work and travel professionals and industry service providers to key markets and networks worldwide, supporting the growth and development of international education and global student mobility. 19a.info has built a reputation for quality through:

  • 19a.info Events – B2B events in all key markets, connecting international educators, agents and service providers as well as work and travel professionals
  • 19a.info – a business development and market intelligence resource delivering news, research and commentary for international student recruitment
  • 19a.info Agent Training – including the 19a.info Agent Training Course (IATC), the Chinese Education Agent Course (CEAC), the Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA), the US Agent Training Course (USATC), and the Irish Education Agent Course (IEAC), these are practical, professional training courses for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors
  • 19a.info Agency Status – quality assurance recognising screened agencies successfully vetted to participate in 19a.info Events
  • 19a.info Education Fund – donations and support for selected causes that give young people around the world access to education
  • 19a.info Advertising and Sponsorship – guaranteed exposure and branding to key decision makers in the international education and language travel markets
  • Course Finders – a search engine dedicated to language schools that enables students to search and compare over 2 500 schools worldwide and read reviews by alumni


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