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From the field: Exploring undergraduate recruitment opportunities in India

India has been a major driver of growth in overall mobility, and particularly so over the last few years. While it is still somewhat overshadowed...

UK: Report puts value of international higher ed commencements at £22.6 billion

A newly released study makes clear the economic impact of foreign students in UK higher education, estimating that every ten non-EU students contribute a net...

From the field: Vietnam’s growing middle class fueling demand for study abroad

Vietnam’s economic growth over the past two decades has been steady and impressive, averaging 5.5% since 1990. Expansion is expected to continue until at least...

Japan well on its way to 300,000 international students

For the fifth consecutive year, international student numbers have grown in Japan. The latest statistics from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) indicate that as...

Year in review: What we learned in 2017

Here comes 2018 around the corner, and many of us have already booked travel, laid plans, and otherwise set the stage for another fast-paced year...

A roadmap for building more diversity in your international enrolment
Australia takes its double-digit growth into final quarter of 2017
US ELT numbers trending down in 2017
How language schools are integrating online with traditional delivery
Initial Brexit agreement offers greater certainty for movement between UK and EU
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From the field: Exploring undergraduate recruitment opportunities in India

India has been a major driver of growth in overall...

From the field: Vietnam’s growing middle class fueling demand for study abroad
Year in review: What we learned in 2017
From the field: Where are Mexican students going now?
2017 Agent Barometer survey links student and agent perceptions with destination attractiveness
Brazilian outbound continues to strengthen with a trend to longer stays abroad
Indonesia’s growing middle class expected to drive outbound mobility
From the field: Recruiting in Oman


Is your email mobile enough?

More than half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices. Mobile’s share of email opens has roughly...

The business case for translating your website
Major industry report highlights key Internet trends in China and India
Online enrolment in US continues to grow
Online learning still expected to pressure traditional higher education models
Five for Friday
Global MOOC enrolment jumped again last year
Opening the door to new learning models

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: Report puts value of international commencements at £22.6 billion … -

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From the field: ’s growing middle class fueling demand for … -

well on its way to 300,000 -

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Enrolments at private schools in Dubai have grown by nearly 90% within the past decade, and total student numbers are projected to reach nearly 500,000 by 2026.

South Africa

South Africa’s ELT sector began to recover in 2016. Student numbers increased by 19%, and student weeks by 20%.


Worldwide MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) enrolment grew by nearly two-thirds in 2016 to reach 58 million students.


International studen enrolments in Australia grew by 14%, Year-to-date May 2017.


Russia aims to increase international enrolment to more than 700,000 students by 2025. 


97.4% of foreign students in the UK leave the country before their visa expires.


Top five sending markets for Canadian language programmes in 2016: Japan, Brazil, China, South Korea, and Mexico.


The number of college-aged students in China is projected to decline by 40% between 2010 and 2025. 

Malta is more